Developing a business case for eco-industrial parks development in Ethiopia

Hawassa Industrial Park


DAI Europe Ltd funded by DFID

Project dates


Context and objectives

The purpose of the assignment is to prepare a Business Case for Hawassa Industrial Park (HIP) with the objective of soliciting green finance with which to position HIP as viable eco-industrial park (EIP). The first expected outcome of this assignment is thus a feasibility analysis is for HIP and, on that basis, a bankable proposal for soliciting green finance from relevant funds.

In addition, the HIP business case will be used to prepare a contextually relevant roadmap and guidance material, which will be used as resource kit for the development of Sustainable Industrial Parks in Ethiopia.


  1. Business Case for HIP;
  2. Proposal for green finance based on HIP Business Case;
  3. An implementation plan
  4. A Business Case template for EIP development for use in other parks (derived from a & b above);
  5. A roadmap, to guide Ethiopia on the design, development, construction and operations of EIPs (which could be used as an input for policy makers);
  6. A dissemination plan of the results, findings and learnings.


Hippo in the Hawassa Lake

Work factory in the Hawassa Industrial Park