Sofies develops activities in 6 domains of intervention

Alternative Energy

- Waste to Energy
- Biomass to energy
- Photovoltaics

Industrial Ecology & Circular Economy

- Eco-industrial parks
- Circular economy strategies

Land resource development

- Land resource management and spatial planning
- Regional development
- Sustainable cities


- Indicators and reporting
- Environmental impact assessment
- Eco-innovation strategies
- Sharing economy

Value Chains

- Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP)
- Agro-food systems
- Targeted investment promotion

Waste & Resources

- E-waste
- Secondary resources and urban mining
- Municipal and industrial waste

Sofies meets the needs of four categories of clients

Public entities

Local governments, regions and metropolitan areas, cantons and national agencies.


Any type of enterprise interested in optimizing its resource consumption.

International organizations and development agencies

Organizations operating in the field of development cooperation

Research and training institutes

Schools of higher education, universities, and research institutes.