Dr. Carmelia MAISSEN

Email: carmelia.maissen-at-sofiesgroup.com

Senior consultant| Dr. phil., Dipl. Arch. ETH

Areas of Expertise: Regional development, management and politics, structural processes in politics, structure planning, communication and mediation of architecture

Languages: Raetho-Romanic, German, French, Italian, English

Career: After studying architecture Carmelia Maissen works in teaching and research and dedicates her on the history and theory of architecture, with a special focus on the post-war architecture of the Grisons. A scholarship from the Scientific Politics Scholarships Foundation provides her afterwards the opportunity to work for the Parliamentary Services in Bern and to get a profound insight in the processes and structures of Swiss Politics. From 2011 to 2015 she was regional manager in the region of Viamala in the Grisons. In this function she initiates and supports many projects in the field of rural tourism, community development and of the site, also in the field of trade. Furthermore she was responsible for the regional structural planning.

Outside of the office… Carmelia loves contemporary architecture, old music and the mountains.


Zürich's Office

Zürich | Switzerland

Wildbachstrasse 46
8008 Zürich

+41 44 380 31 44

The Zurich office evolved from the close collaboration between Sofies and Emac over the last years. In Charge of the Swiss-german market and contributing to the international development, the Zurich-team is specialized in the elaboration of individual solutions for sustainable land management, spatial planning in rural and peri-urban regions, regional development, infrastructure development and sustainable agro food systems.

With a strong focus on implementation, communication, moderation and stakeholder participation is the heart of our approach.

Our offices are easily accessible. They are located 15 minutes from the main station (Tram 4, “Froehlichstrasse”, direction “Tiefenbrunnen”).