Kaushik Raj HAZARIKA

Email: kaushik.hazarika-at-sofiesgroup.com

Senior Consultant | Post-graduate diploma in Forestry Management, Bachelor of Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunication

Areas of expertise: Natural Resource Management, Forestry, Clean technology / Renewable Energy – particularly solar energy, Rural Energy Access, New market mechanisms, Climate Change Adaptation, Climate Risk Assessment

Languages: English, Hindi, Assamese

Career: Kaushik Hazarika is a Sustainable Development professional with experience in programme design, strategic policy development and project management. He is experienced in the field of clean energy, with a particular focus on off-grid Solar PV installations and rural energy access. Kaushik also worked in technical capacity on issues related to Natural Resources Management (NRM) as well as for the development of community-focused climate change adaptation strategies and climate risk assessments.

At Sofies, Kaushik is a Senior Consultant working on projects across domains within the broader area of climate and sustainability and also, supporting in expanding its operations in India.

Outside the office…. Kaushik loves stories and books have been his abiding passion. He also likes listening to music, watching movies and exploring new places.

Bangalore's Office

Bangalore | India

Sofies Sustainability Leaders Pvt. Ltd.
RP Regency
50/7, 2nd Cross, P&T Colony
RT Nagar, Bangalore 560 032
Karnataka – INDIA

+91 98 455 32 921

Sofies-India (Sofies Sustainability Leaders Pvt. Ltd.) is incorporated under Indian law and located in Bangalore, India’s Silicon Valley at the country’s southern end. Our offices are on the north side of the city, 30 minutes from the airport and 15 minutes from downtown. We share 200m2 with other firms. Our diverse team of permanent staff speaks French, English, Hindi, German, Spanish, and other local languages.

With the goal of providing our clients with expanded services and greater proximity, two of our consultants are based in Mumbai and Delhi.