Email: olivia.godeluck-at-sofiesgroup.com

Senior Consultant | MSc in Management of Sustainable Development and Corporate Finance

Areas of Expertise: E-wastes Solutions for emerging countries, Targeted Investment Campains, Project Management, Indian Legal and Financial Compliance

Languages: French, English, Spanish and German

Career: Based in India since 2006, Olivia started working in Microcredit for an Indian Microfinance Institution developing its activities in an urban environment. In 2007, she co-founded Karavel Consulting Pvt. Ltd. a company specialized in Support to Business Development and Project Management in the Indian Sub-continent. She has been a Project Manager for more than 60 companies, associations and Public Institutions from all over the world. Working in collaboration with SOFIES since 2012, Olivia is currently in charge of its Indian office incorporated in 2014 in Bangalore. In addition to her role as head of Sofies India, Olivia works on several projects related to the E-waste management and the development of agribusiness sector.

Outside the office… French, Olivia lived 90% of her life abroad. Thrilled by Indian history and culture, Olivia travels throughout the subcontinent for over 8 years.

Bangalore's Office

Bangalore | India

Sofies Sustainability Leaders Pvt. Ltd.
RP Regency
50/7, 2nd Cross, P&T Colony
RT Nagar, Bangalore 560 032
Karnataka – INDIA

+91 98 455 32 921

Sofies-India (Sofies Sustainability Leaders Pvt. Ltd.) is incorporated under Indian law and located in Bangalore, India’s Silicon Valley at the country’s southern end. Our offices are on the north side of the city, 30 minutes from the airport and 15 minutes from downtown. We share 200m2 with other firms. Our diverse team of permanent staff speaks French, English, Hindi, German, Spanish, and other local languages.

With the goal of providing our clients with expanded services and greater proximity, two of our consultants are based in Mumbai and Delhi.