Specialised in land resource development and Eco Industrial Parks, organisation sustainability, production and value chains, waste management and alternative energy systems, Sofies offers a set of professional skills to public and private stakeholders allowing for sustainable economic growth.

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Created in Geneva in 2008 by Professor Suren Erkman as well as by David Rochat and Benoit Charrière, Sofies has developed around a strong vision shared by its founders: combining economic development and the preservation of natural resources based on the concepts of industrial ecology and circular economy.

Today, the group employs a staff of 40 and operates not only in Switzerland, but also internationally through five subsidiaries based in Geneva, Zurich, Paris London and Bangalore.


Foundation of Sofies in Geneva (Solutions for Industrial Ecosystems)

First activities in French-speaking Switzerland, in particular in the canton of Geneva, the first community in the world to include the principles of industrial ecology into its Constitution (2013).


First major project of Sofies with the management of the Cleaner Production Program in Tunisia, including the environmental upgrading of four industrial sectors, the training of dozens of local experts and the audit of 75 companies.


Change of status for Sofies, which becomes a limited company.

Dominique Bernard, former director of industrial ecology at Lafarge, joins Sofies as associate and enhances the company’s industrial competences.


Creation of Sofies India in Bangalore as a base for the development of our activities in Asia, in particular in the field of electronic waste management.


Foundation of Sofies France in Paris to support the development of numerous territorial and industrial ecology projects in France.


Creation of the Sofies International Holding.

Opening of a subsidiary in Zurich, Sofies-Emac, specialized in territorial development and cleaner production processes.

Two new shareholders join the Group: Alban Bitz, with a strong industrial background, and Martin Fritsch, expert in territorial and agro-industrial development.


Strengthening our presence in the European market with the creation of SOFIES UK.

Repositioning the company on its high value-added services.

Shift to a management model based on the principles of horizontal and collaborative governance and operations.


Opening of Sofies’ capital to its employees.



Client satisfaction is our priority. This is why we associate the value of excellence to innovation. By drawing on all of our professional skills, we seek to give a meaning to each of our actions, creating maximum added value, so that each project we carry out is sustained in time.


We believe that success is only guaranteed when trust between all parties is established, whether for a short-term mission or for a several years project. We therefore consider that the trust granted by our customers and partners is the best indicator of success. We strive to create transparent and direct, daily relationships with our customers and partners, but also within the staff.


Because we believe in what we do, we communicate easily and share our passion and enthusiasm to every party we work with. The pleasure we take in our work directly stems from our Mission, of the positive impact we are aiming for, and for our management model, which is the main driving force for our action.


A key player in sustainable growth

We develop the framework for sustainable growth that produces positive impacts for both the society and the environment by combining the principles of circular economy and industrial ecology. Sofies aims to position itself as a key player by supporting public and private organisations in the transition towards a new economic model based on the optimal use of natural resources.

A flexible and efficient organisation

Sofies' geographical outreach is now international thanks to its organisational structure. An asset that allows easy access to new markets or taking part in entrepreneurial adventures with partners. In addition, a mechanism for incubating new ideas allows for the emergence of new business models. We also rely on the management principles of holacracy in order to provide our high value-added services.

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