B-Corp Certification – Sofies International SA

7 April 2020

Sofies International SA and its subsidiaries in Zurich, Geneva, UK and India are now part of the B-Corp community! It is a pleasure to join this global group of companies.

In Switzerland in particular, we are active in a community composed of 30+ companies. https://www.blab-switzerland.ch/

One of the pillars of B-Corp is to work with the objective of generating a positive impact for our stakeholders. At our level this means that we act daily for the benefit of our customers, partners and employees. This daily commitment is in line with our mission statement, which is to act globally and develop new sustainable business models. To illustrate these words, we invite you to take a few minutes to meet some of our partners and customers through testimonials made for our 10 years anniversary in 2018: https://sofiesgroup.com/en/news_tags/testimonies/

During this certification process, we have learned to conduct a better dialogue between the different entities of our organization, we have amended our articles of association by anchoring the founding principles of B-Corp in our mission statement, the duty of the board of directors as well as the right to vote for the modification of the corporate purpose. 

We have reworked and improved our environmental and social charter. We have consolidated our environmental footprint along the life cycle of our activities. We have taken note of our areas for improvement and have initiated continuous improvement measures.

Finally, and this is certainly the most important thing, we have taken the time to confront our organization against a certification standard oriented towards sustainable development for the first time since the creation of Sofies. This introspection and openness towards the outside world has been beneficial to our organization.

We look forward to the development of the B-Corp community and are proud to be part of it.

We are also proud to be able to contribute to supporting our customers in this certification. Take the time to meet Emily, our B-Champion and B-Leader Advisor who is available to assist you if needed. https://bleaders.ch/en/project/emily-vuylsteke/

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