An event organised by Sofies gathered key stakeholders from the rice value chain in Ho Chi Minh City

15 March 2017

While developing the business cases in collaboration with the rice millers for the RECP Program in Vietnam, it became more and more evident that there was a need to work beyond the walls of the factory. Indeed, to secure the investment in cleaner production technologies, the rice millers need to secure their raw material supply and therefore build more sustainable relationship with farmers. Also, the consolidation of the relationship with the rice farmers is an opportunity for millers to support more sustainable agriculture practices and to finally come to a choice of high quality rice varieties.

In this context, a mainstreaming event was organized in HCMC on the 3rd of March 2017, which gathered stakeholders from the entire rice value chain. The event aimed at promoting best practices for a sustainable and high quality rice production, and at providing a platform to share knowledge among key stakeholders from the rice value chain. The mainstreaming event allowed to achieve 3 main goals:

(1) to illustrate to rice millers the added value of applying cleaner production and resource efficiency measures as well as the importance of integrating the farmers as key partners;

(2) to initiate cooperation between existing related projects and programs;

(3) to advocate sustainable sector policy.


Amongst others, a great potential for collaboration has been identified and confirmed with the World Bank’s Vietnam Sustainable Agriculture Transformation (VnSAT) project. The VnSAT project has made available a credit line to support millers in investing in cleaner processing technologies under certain conditions of collaboration with farmers. The RECP Program, by assisting the millers in the identification of relevant technologies and in the development of business cases, will support the millers to get access to the VnSAT credit line and to achieve a successful investment. Also, the strong requirements of the VnSAT credit line in terms of partnership with the farmers is a powerful leverage to convince the rice millers about the importance of making the farmers their n°1 partners towards an increased product quality and a more sustainable rice production.

This strong synergy between the UNIDO RECP work stream and the World Bank VnSAT project appears to be relevant also in the coffee sector in Vietnam, opening the door for potential further collaboration and global impacts.

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