Creation of the B Corp Way platform

9 October 2020

Inspired by the leadership of the global Certified B Corporation community, many companies, especially large complex multinationals, seek support as they transform their businesses to create long-term value creation for all stakeholders.

B Corp Way provides a platform which matches the needs of companies with the support services offered by B Corp consultancies across the continent, selected by B Lab Europe for their expertise in specific areas. As certified B Corps themselves, all B Corp Way partners are committed to the vision of maximising social and environmental impact within their own organisations and their clients.

The B Corp Way initiative has been designed to meet a growing demand from company leaders for support on their impact journey. The companies that are likely to benefit from this initiative may indeed be on the path to B Corp certification themselves.

Sofies is proud to be one of the founding members of this platform driven by B Lab Europe and looks forward to being part of this movement which aspires to a fairer, more inclusive and more respectful system for communities and the planet. More info about Sofies B corp services.

“Through the B Corp Way program we can support companies with the tracking, measuring and improvement of their performance and to find sustainable solutions with the ultimate goal to create positive impact for our society and environment. Sofies is proud to be part of this journey as we see this as a stepping stone for proactive change in businesses across the world.”

Senior Consultant, Sofies, Caroline Heinz

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