Eco-innovation: what is it? Why and how to “eco-innovate”?

12 February 2016

Sofies is proud to support the Association AGEDEVE in the EcoPartner project, aimed at promoting eco-innovation within Romanian companies. AGEDEVE is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote circular economy, eco-innovation and achieve knowledge transfer and capacity building.

The association and its partners have developed a brochure for businesses, which presents the concept of eco-innovation, the resulting opportunities and how to implement it.

The project has also achieved the following results:

  • Developing a exchange platform (Knowledge Hub) for eco-innovation
  • Organizing a trip to Switzerland for 12 Romanian experts and 3 training sessions in Romania (on LCA, Eco-design, and Eco-innovation strategy and process)

Project description and brochure on eco-innovation

Knowledge Hub EcoInnovation

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