European H2020 Project: No Agro Waste (NoAW) Visit of the Eco_Agro_Industrial Park AGRIPORT in The Netherlands

10 April 2017

In order to identify business concepts to turn agro-industrial waste into valuable resources, the NoAW WorkPackage 5 Team has visited Agriport, a recent innovative Agro-Industrial Park located in the more recent polders of Netherlands. In less than 30 years, this park has been developed to optimize the costs and the added value generation per hectare. The business model is based on economies of scale, advanced logistic concept and circular approaches and industrial synergies to manage water and energy in a sustainable way while optimising the costs. A nice example of agro-industrial park with a strong governance in order to set-up Heat and CO2 emitters (Data center, glass factory ..) near large scale greenhouses demanding in CO2 and heat.

The story of Agriport in a few words:

For more information, please visit the project website:


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