FAIRCHAIN project favors intermediate food chains

8 January 2021

Food science, food industry and food associations kicked off the Horizon 2020 FAIRCHAIN project end of 2020. Representatives of the 20 project partners, located in 8 European countries including Switzerland, began planning the work for this 4-year project which has a budget from the European Commission of nearly 7 million euros. SOFIES is fully part of this adventure with the coordination and lead of a Work Package and the Swiss Case Study.


FAIRCHAIN aims to transform the current food system. Based on the drawbacks and advantages of existing short and long food chains, FAIRCHAIN will develop intermediate food chains via the scaling-up of small actors and the encouragement of down-scaling of conventional, larger actors.

The 6 FAIRCHAIN case studies – in dairy and fruit & vegetable sectors – will support farmers/producers in the shift towards competitive intermediate value chains through testing of recently developed technological, organizational and social innovations. 1 Case Study takes place in Switzerland and implies Biofruits, Cogiterre et SOFIES.

At the kick-off meeting, FAIRCHAIN leaders outlined their plans for year 1 of the project. We can expect an innovation platform, a communication plan, mapping of current food chains, product development, life cycle assessments and more. The project coordinator Geneviève Gésan-Guiziou (INRAE) noted, “We must get off to a fast start to realize the ambitious goals of this project.”

FAIRCHAIN is the short name for, “Innovative technological, organisational and social solutions for FAIRer dairy and fruit and vegetable value CHAINs”. The coordinator of the FAIRCHAIN project is the the French national research institute for agriculture, food and the environment (INRAE, France). The project logo (above) and hashtag were officially released at the kick-off, you can read about FAIRCHAIN here, and the FAIRCHAIN website and social media sites will soon be available.

You can already follow FAIRCHAIN on Twitter (#FAIRCHAIN).

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