Sofies’ 10 years – 7/10, Deepali, Sofies India

16 August 2018

“Working mums juggling young families and exciting work have to make difficult choices everyday. Yet, with Sofies, work and life are perfectly balanced as I get to head the India office, work on international projects and spend quality time with my 6 year old who sometimes also pops in on video-conferencing calls to say hi to the team! In the four years since the branch was established, we’ve grown to a six-member team spread across Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Ooty, punching well over our weight in terms of geographic coverage. I’m really proud that we have a unique virtual office set-up that provides a truly modern work environment. This also enables us to tap into the immense opportunities to create meaningful impact through our work on the Indian market, and providing a gateway to the rest of Asia for the Sofies Group. 

And what motivates me to take Sofies India further? My 6 year old who is already a champion recycler and even designed a waste sorting game to play in her class! “

Deepali Sinha Khetriwal, Managing Director of Sofies India

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