Sofies’ 10 years – 8/10, Yves Cretegny, FTI

23 August 2018

“Sofies has been working for many years on the emergence and development of industrial ecology in the Canton of Geneva, which is why they have become the natural partner for the FTI and its Ecoparc strategy.

With Sofies we have successfully moved from an essentially academic approach, with the support of Suren Erkman, to an operational approach.

We appreciate Sofies’ international experience, which allows us to enhance local solutions and strengthen our positioning and information exchange, which is what we are aiming for with the platform for example.

Sofies has the ability to understand in a multidimensional way the challenges we face, combining technical, economic and environmental skills, which differentiates them from a traditional engineering office. The Ecoparc monitoring project that we are jointly conducting thus requires knowledge from the field, an understanding of the stakeholders’ issues, and the development of an online tool that provides guidance and measures the impact of projects in our Ecoparcs.

This encourages risk-taking on innovative themes, such as coworking with the GOWO project (french) or even the pooling of companies for the self-consumption of photovoltaic energy.

Finally, I particularly appreciate the type of collaboration that has emerged in the recent years between FTI and Sofies teams, namely the horizontal exchanges between our people and similar dynamics driving creativity. »

Yves Cretegny,

Managing Director at FTI – Fondation pour les Terrains Industriels de Genève


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