Sofies’ 10 years – 9/10, Charlotte Thévenet, Albioma

5 September 2018

I discovered Sofies by chance, in 2009, when the office in Geneva had only 4 people. I applied for an internship as a chemical engineer and coincidently Sofies had just signed one of its first major contracts with the Monthey chemical site (Cimo project). The project aimed to identify synergies and optimisations in the management of material and energy resources at the scale of the chemical site and the region. 

 This was the beginning of a 7-year adventure, full of challenges and discoveries, with the most important one being an opportunity to return to my country of origin, France, to develop and manage a brand new subsidiary of Sofies. I was thus able to participate in the emergence of the circular economy and industrial ecology in France, working on the Seine estuary with the Haropa project, in Strasbourg, and in the framework of the Grand Paris, among others.

After all these years working as a consultant, I wanted to take a new step in my career and join an industrial player. Thanks to the projects we were carrying out with Sofies and in particular with the help of Dominique Bernard, I seized the opportunity to take over the CSR and environment management of Albioma, where I have been working for 2 years now.

Amongst the many worthy qualities of Sofies, the confidence of this group on its employees is undoubtedly the one that empowered me to evolve so quickly, and I thank them for that.


Charlotte Thévenet,

CSR & Sustainability Director


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