Sofies India conducted an e-waste management workshop for supply chain management students

18 June 2017

Sofies India team recently conducted a day-long e-waste management workshop for supply chain management students at the Bridge School of Management, Noida (Uttar Pradesh, India). The workshop gave an insight about the growing importance of managing e-waste in the Indian context, global and local legislations, supply chain and environmental implications and shared interesting anecdotes and experiences of working with the waste recyclers in the informal sector. Students were quite excited to learn about how to dismantle laptops, which became a fulfilled exercise and many were quite surprised to learn about the quantities of precious metals inside, especially that of gold. The students also shared their experiences in dealing with e-waste in their homes as well as workplaces. One of the major takeaways from the workshop thus became the need for creating awareness and also improving the reverse logistics for e-waste collection in India.

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