White Paper Sofies: CO2 as a resource

25 June 2020

In order to achieve the objectives of the Paris agreement in terms of global warming limitation, it is now clear that a policy of energy optimisation and substitution of fossil fuels by renewable energies is certainly mandatory but insufficient. Wether you are already aware of the topic or more looking for a first overview, this document may worth for you reading.

At Sofies, we believe in the value of carbon as a resource and we believe that there is a great opportunity to re-inject it into the circular economy (https://www.rts.ch/play/radio/futur-anterieur/audio/futur-anterieur-vive-le-co2?id=10644227). It is a nascent market still not competitive, but growing rapidly. It is explicitly included in the European Strategy for Carbon Neutrality in 2050 (https://ec.europa.eu/clima/sites/clima/files/docs/pages/vision_1_emissions_en.pdf). We have chosen to use our innovation fund to investigate this subject in greater depth and contribute to accelerating its development.

Our colleague David Unnervik, engineer from EPFL, provides us with a first White Paper describing his vision of carbon offsetting in the Swiss context. Also to come: 

  • a second White Paper focusing on new energies for mobility (#hydrogen #electricity #methanation).
  • a Webinar dedicated to the issue of carbon capture and utilisation

Contacts Sofies: Nicolas Tétreault (Nicolas.tetreault@consultdss.com) and Benjamin Herbreteau (benjamin.herbreteau@consultdss.com)

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