Accelerating energy transition by facilitating the development of district energy systems in the Geneva Canton

source: SIG


International Finance Corporation, World Bank

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Context and objectives

The tool Master Plan for District Enegy Systems (PDER) in development, is conceived to support the evolution of thermic, gas and electricity systems, towards a smarter organisation.

Within this strategic vision, OCEN aims to better understand the history and typology of existing or planned district energy systems on its territory, as well as the current framework conditions and their impacts on the development of projects.

A study was carried out and it provided the following results :

  • Creation of a typology of district energy systems via a collection of data on the 35 existing, ongoing or abandonned systems;
  • Detailed analysis of 9 operational or under development heat network projects in the Geneva conurbation, from their origin to their commissioning;
  • Delivery of diagrams to illustrate the crucial delaying as well as accelerating factors along the phases of a project’s execution;
  • Illustration of stakeholders role during the development of projects, along with the description of best practices in terms of business models and/or funding;
  • Recommendations to foster the emergence of projects in Geneva, together with a reflection on the role of the OCEN. The conclusions furnish a list of paths for finding alternatives to existing framework conditions.


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