AgroCO2ncept Flaachtal: On-farm integration of climate protection measures


Verein AgroCO2ncept Flaachtal, Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture, Cantonal Office for Landscape and Nature (Canton of Zürich)

Project dates

Since 2012

Context and objectives

  • AgroCO2ncept is a pilot project of the Federal Office for Agriculture for developing the climate protection contribution and strategy of the Swiss agricultural sector. The approach is strongly applied and bottom-up oriented: 12 farmers forming an association (AgroCO2ncept) representing the main project basis. The 12 farms represent a good mixture of production profiles including cattle breeding, milk production, crop farming and wine production. Some farms produce according to organic farming standards.

    It follows a holistic approach with multiple effects for climate protection, productivity and marketing: the “20/20/20–objective–formula”:

    • 20% less COEmissions,
    • 20% less energy consumption,
    • 20% more added value for low carbon produced agricultural products.


  • Based on greenhouse gas and energy balances an individual combination of concrete measures have been identified for each farm combining the reduction of GHG-emissions, C-sequestration, energy and resource efficiency, cleaner production, production of renewable energy and creation of new business and marketing opportunities. The project is about to start the specific implementation of there measures with the aim that this approach becomes an integrated element of future sustainable farming systems

For more information

Website of the association AgroCO2ncept Flaachtal (in german)

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