Material Flow Analysis for Mineral Materials in Valais: Identification of the stakes and quantification of the industry’s problematic issues


Canton of Valais

Project dates


Objectives and outcomes

  • More than one million cubic meters of mineral materials are extracted annually in Valais
  • Significant issues exist related to soil and landscape preservation
  • Encourage the recycling of good quality mineral materials (completing the flow)
  • Minimize the transportation of mineral materials
  • Industry stakeholders fear a shortage of materials of a certain quality in the near future
  • Provide a clear, detailed understanding of the current situation and a systematic vision of the industry
  • Identify and explain measures to be implemented that will respond to the industry’s various concerns
  • A global schema of the flow of mineral materials used by several public-private working groups from across Valais to optimize the industry
  • An assessment of the current situation backed by targeted interviews with a dozen of the industry’s key stakeholders
  • An analysis of results and recommendations, including proposed scenarios with objectives that target the various issues

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