Bobst Materiality assessment – Support for the elaboration of the sustainability strategy


In order to integrate sustainability at the heart of its strategic priorities, BOBST commissioned Sofies to carry out a materiality analysis and to contribute to the definition of objectives and actions allowing it to improve its environmental, economic and social performance.

Several meetings with key internal and external stakeholders, as well as an online questionnaire, allowed us to identify the priority topics to be considered in the company’s sustainability strategy and to provide an appropriate response to the various challenges of the sector.

This work served as the basis for the articulation of the sustainability strategy, which is presented in the BOBST Sustainability Report 2020, as well as the planification of its internal organization and implementation.

Finally, thematic sheets were developed, bringing together the desired vision, objectives and actions to be undertaken, in order to provide a robust monitoring and communication tool to be integrated into the company’s overall strategy.


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