Coaching of an association of industrials for a better understanding of the circular economy concept



Project dates

2014-2015 (project in collaboration with Quantis)

Context and objectives

  • SCORELCA was created in March 2012 and aims to promote and organize collaborative work between stakeholders from the industrial, institutional and scientific sector. This will favor a positive, shared and recognized evolution of the global environmental quantification methods (in particular the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)) and will determine their practical implementation, at the european and international level.
  • Founding members : Total, EDF, GDF Suez, Veolia, Renault, Saint-Gobain, ADEME, Record
  • An inventory of the concepts, the issues and the works that was carried out related to the assessment methods of circular economy.
  • Identify the most relevant methods to make an environmental (and economic) assessment of global and local material loops.
  • Have reliable and supportive information to assess the environmental performance of existing or futur global and local material loops.
  • Make recommendations on the most efficient methods and reliable indicators to assess the environmental efficiency of circular economy project.


  • Presentation of the fundaments of Circular Economy and its appropriation by the industrial and private sector
  • Identification of the main assessment methods
  • Highlighting of the methodological issues, based on a review of the Circular Economy literature and projects.
  • Application of those methodologies on concrete case of material loops.
  • Make operational recommendations for the implementation of these methodologies.

For more information

  • SCORELCA Association

Circular Economy diagram

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