Creating a Network of Shared Workplaces in the Greater Geneva Area


European Union and Switzerland

Project dates


Context and objectives

  • A saturated urban center with increased commuter traffic and related nuisances across the greater Geneva area
  • Digital communications offer new flexible work opportunities
  • Strong potential for expansion of these types of jobs in Switzerland and France
  • Stimulate the creation of a network of shared workplaces to expand co-working and telecommuting across the greater Geneva area
  • Define the framework conditions for establishing a long-term dynamic backed by the region’s major institutional and economic stakeholders


  • Demand analysis (quantitative and qualitative) for shared workplaces
    – Interviews were conducted with 40 companies and a questionnaire was distributed
    – A statistical model was used to measure and map current and future needs, and project scenarios for the evolution of demand
  • Supply analysis (quantitative and qualitative)
    – An inventory of various types of existing locations (number of workstations and services offered) was conduct using international benchmarking
    – The socio-economic and environmental impacts (externalities) of developing a network were assessed
  • Define the framework conditions for creating a network
    – Theme-based working groups brought in experts and key stakeholders to define the network’s governance and determine how the product to be developed will meet identified needs and complete the regional network
  • Communication
    – Development of a dedicated Web site promoted across media outlets
    – Organization of events to raise awareness and to share ideas and experiences


  • The advantages of flexible work are well known and widely documented:
    – For companies: lower fixed costs and competitiveness
    – For salaried employees or independent contractors: quality of life, creativity, and professional opportunities
  • A movement has begun across the greater Geneva area and the primary stakeholders have the necessary tools to pursue the implementation of a network.

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