Strasbourg port area: Study of opportunities and potential for the development of an industrial and territorial ecology project


Idée Alsace

Project dates


Context and objectives

  • Located in the heart of Alsace, the Strasbourg port area is one of the major regional areas of activity with 320 companies and nearly 13,000 work places.
  • An undeniable stake in economic development, including logistics, but also sustainability of industrial activity.
  • A process of urban transformation, resulting of the need to integrate industrial and coastal activities.
  • First industrial ecology pilot project in an area of operations in Alsace, originally lead by the Urban Community of Strasbourg, the Port Authority and the Port Users Group, and with the additional support of the Region and ADEME Alsace.
  • Transfer knowledge to local actors, particularly Idée Alsace, coordinator of the project
  • Establish a diagnosis of companies material and energy flows
  • Identify needs and expectations of economic actors
  • Identify potential synergies with a first approach of the feasibility
  • Put in perspective the identified potentials considering the projects currently developed by the community, the harbor and other regional actors
  • Establish an action plan to perpetuate the process


Port Autonome de StrasbourgCommunauté urbaine de StrasbourgRégion Alsace,ADEME, GUP, ADIRAPôle Alsace Energievie


  • Conducting workshops and working groups with 30 companies
  • Individual interviews and collecting flow data
  • Identification of 17 potential synergies (energy, wastes, gaz and organic materials)
  • Analysis of technical, economic, regulatory and organizational pre-feasibility
  • Development of a strategy of collective supply of energy for companies of the port area.
  • Support for the assessment of tools, business model and roadmap to perpetuate the process

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