The Celero platform: detection of Industrial Symbiosis and Cleaner Production opportunities



Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN)

Project dates

2014 – ongoing

Context and objectives

There is a lack of software based tools able to detect and facilitate the implementation of project combining Clean Production (RECP) and Industrial Symbiosis (IS). A partnership between the FHNW (Switzerland), ODAGEM (Turkey), TOBB University (Turkey), the UNIL (Switzerland) and Sofies SA (Switzerland) adressed this issue by proposing the development of the Celero platform. The goal is to develop a license-free international software to support decision making for companies and other stakeholders aiming to implement Cleaner Production and Industrial Symbiosis projects. The tool would be able to facilitate (1) In-house RECP, (2) Knowledge Transfer, (3) Supply-Demand-Match-Making-Network, (4) Infrastructure Symbiosis, (5) cost benefit analysis and (6) implementation

To date:

  • Celero uses cost/benefit analysis and geographical information system (GIS) to highlight the best Industrial Symbiosis and Cleaner Production opportunities, helping companies to be more resource efficient.
  • Celero offers a way to collect (eco-tracking system), store, manage and communicate information on material and energy flows
  • Celero is designed to be flexible and easily configurable and will support the communication to managers and decision makers.
  • Celero offers a platform for social networking between industries, experts and other stakeholders.
  • Celero is free


For more information

Visit the Celero Platform


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