Development of eco-industrial parks in Vietnam


International Finance Corporation – IFC (World Bank Group)

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Context and objectives

The development of industrial zones has played a significant role for the rapid growth of Vietnam economy in the past 20 years. In a context of increasing need for resource efficiency and better management of the impacts of industrial activities on the environment, Vietnamese industries are challenged to find ways to improve production costs while differentiating themselves as a destination for sustainable manufacturing in an increasingly competitive global environment.

To address these challenges, IFC is assisting the Government of Vietnam to develop the Eco-industrial Parks (EIP) concept in the country. The idea is to work together with businesses and park managers to implement collaborative projects seeking a better use of resources and enhanced environmental, economic, and social performance. Vietnam national guidelines have been developed based on an international framework.

In 2018, Sofies has been selected by IFC, with its partner the Vietnamese Cleaner Production Centre (VNCPC), to implement Eco-Industrial Parks national guidelines in Vietnam and work closely with two selected industrial parks.

Project objectives are:

  • Testing and implementing EIP guidelines in 2 selected industrial parks (Sonadezi Long Thanh Industrial Park and Saigon Hi-Tech Park), including capacity building of park authority, operators and tenants
  • Identifying and supporting implementation of industrial symbioses and other resource optimisation measures, including business cases and investment plan
  • Designing a roadmap for implementing and scaling up a national EIP program (institutional structure, financing mechanisms and regulatory improvements)


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