Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production in Cassava Starch Industry in Guangxi Province (China)


United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

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Objectives and outcomes

China’s booming domestic demand for cassava starch to serve the food, paper, and pharmaceutical industries has seen Chinese imports of cassava starch growing at 14% per annum since 2009. Still, In Guangxi, the largest production base of native starch in China, the cassava starch industry is faced with an urgent need to reform and modernize not only due to growing competition for fresh cassava resources but also tightening environmental regulations.

In this assignment, pathways for industry upgrade are identified, including national and international benchmarking. The focus lies in the implementation of technology upgrade solutions, with high potential for further mainstreaming. The proposed solutions include:

  • Process optimization
  • Improved waste water treatment
  • Improved boiler systems
  • Improved use of industry by-products

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Hannes Zellweger, Sofies-Emac

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