Municipality of Klosters-Serneus: Project for Regional development and Structural Improvement of Agricultural Production Systems


Municipality of Klosters-Serneus, Cantonal Service for Agriculture and Geomatics, Canton of Grisons, Federal Office for Agriculture

Project dates

2009 – 2014, followed by a 5-year implementation phase (2015-2019)

Context and objectives

  • In a first step an integrated and participatory planning and decision making process was initiated (Guideline for Integrated and Participatory Rural and Regional Development) and implemented, addressing equally aspects in the field of agriculture, tourism, nature and landscape protection, forestry management and spatial planning.
  • The outcome of this process – in terms of concrete development projects – were further development in the framework of a project for regional development focusing on two main goals: 1. To improve and locally integrate added-value chains of agricultural products and 2. To provide the necessary infrastructure for such an economic optimization within a sustainable spatial development.
  • As a result presently the rural road network is about to be improved, a thematic path and exhibition on agricultural practices and products will be installed, a new and modern slaughterhouse is going to be built and an Agricultural Interest Group has been created.
  • The entire process included a strong participatory process and intensive public relation work. Today the project is in the phase of implementation (2015-2019) triggering public-private-partnership investments of about 7 Mio. Swiss Francs for the regional development part and of approx. 10 Mio. Swiss Francs for the improvement of agricultural infrastructure.


  • One farmer association founded and set into operation strengthening the position of the farmers for a cross-sectorial collaboration with the community and tourism. Actual status in April 2015: Association in operation since 2 years.
  • The added-value and supply chain of meet products significantly improved by the construction of a new and modern meat processing center (present status in April 2015: Under construction) and by improving the marketing and points of sales in collaboration with the tourism sector.
  • A thematic path and exhibition on agricultural practices and products is ready for implementation. Main purpose: Promoting agricultural products and services for tourists as well as creating more understanding and comprehension for the agricultural sector. Actual status in April 2015: Construction about to start in Mai 2015.
  • General improvement and rehabilitation of the rural road network including a land consolidation for a specific perimeter. Actual status April 2015: Construction about to start in Summer 2015.

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