Newsletter on sustainable procurement: Survey on new technologies, best practices and relevant standards


State of Geneva, Department of Environmental Management and Cantonal Sustainable Development

Project dates

2012 – 2016

Context and objectives

  • The common purchase center of the State of Geneva conducts calls for tender for a wide range of goods such as vehicles, furniture, computer equipment, educational equipment, stationery products, as well as services
  • The procurement center integrates sustainability criteria’s in the tenders
  • The relevancy of sustainability criteria’s used in the tenders must be checked regularly.
  • To ensure critical watch of sustainability in all procurement sectors in order to ensure their relevancy and reinforce a responsible procurement policy within the State of Geneva.


  • An index of the various guidebooks on sustainable procurement and labels’ platforms on ecological and social standards
  • Over 40 newsletters distributed to Geneva’s state buyers and published on the intranet of the Association Romande Coord21. The newsletters include information about updates and new environmental and social standards (ecolabels, codes of conduct, ranking, legislation, etc.), good practices, list of sellers that meet sustainability criteria’s and information on business segments that don’t meet the standards or legal requirements.

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