Master Plan for Net-Bound Energy in the Geneva Canton : Accelerating the energy transition process


  • Geneva State – OCEN

Project dates


Objectives and outcomes

The Master Plan for Net-bound Energy (PDER) is a cantonal planning tool, helping strategic and operational management of energy infrastructure, particularly district heating. It is designed to enable energy transition to be executed across the Canton, as well as to reach the 2000-watt society federal and cantonal goals.

Three parallel studies, including one lead by Sofies and Amstein-Walthert, were carried out to set specifications and methods for the PDER. This was done in order to design an evolving planning tool, consistent with the various policies. The main outcomes were as follows :

  • Identification and characterisation of the PDER stakes into « chapters » : framework conditions, territorial and built typology, local resources, infrastructure, energy needs, legal, financial and organisational conditions.
  • Proposal of approaches and options for the deployment of the PDER in the Canton
  • Recommendations and strategic focus for each type of territorial sector.
  • Demo on a T territory with recommendations and specifications for the execution phase.
  • Definition of evolution principles for the framework conditions in compliance with the recommendations.

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