Sion: An integrated approach based on industrial ecology to structure the operational aspects of an active land-use policy


City of Sion-Economic Development Office

Project dates


Context and objectives

  • A city in transition with a growing impact on industrial zones (Rhône 3, Campus, greater Sion area, Traversée du Rhône, etc.)
  • Low density, extremely heterogeneous industrial zones that generate considerable nuisances (landscape, noise, traffic, etc.)
  • Planning and management of industrial zones is reactive and lacks suitable tools
  • Support the development of industrial zones as much to optimize the operation of existing industry as to make the zone attractive to future investors
  • Propose tools and business requirements to Sion’s economic development office to coordinate the zones
  • Statistical analysis by industrial zone (demographics, sectors, jobs, land use)
  • Interviews with key stakeholders and organization of working groups to identify focal points for a proposed strategy
  • Current and future analyses of the industrial zones using a multicriteria tool (urbanization and landscape, economy, mobility, resources and environment, and services)


  • Detailed strategy for 4 zones.
  • Operational action plan for implementing an active land use policy thanks to a participatory process
  • Business requirements for economic development (land management and planning, coordination of public-private partnerships, communications strategies).

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