Great project Zimeysaver: How to optimize territory and resource use in the greatest area of activity in the Geneva Canton


  • Geneva State, Urban Planning Department
  • Fondation pour les terrains industriels de Genève (FTI)
  • Municipalities of Meyrin, Vernier and Satigny

Project dates


Context and objectives

The area of the ZIMEYSAVER (industrial areas of Meyrin, Satigny and Vernier) is part of the strategic cantonal sites assigned to a densification of activities. The inclusion of industrial ecology measures in the Zimeysaver implies a concerted planification, centred on the potential for intercompany synergies in terms of infrastructure and services (heat exchange system, mutualisation of waste collection, companies hotels, etc)

Eight agencies directed by LMLV are in charge of designing a guide for the 2030 planification of the largest industrial area in Geneva Canton (380 ha). Their work will enable the creation or updation of several directive plans of industrial zones (DPIZ).

  • Contribution to the conception of a guideline in the range of the Great Project and of the creation or updation of the directive plans of industrial zones (DPIZ) : thematic sheets and cartography for about 14 environmental issues.
  • Steering the strategic environmental evaluation (SEE) : environmental diagnosis and definition of goals and priorities (energy, waste, geomaterials), identification of constraints and opportunities, takeing into account upstreaming envrionmental issues. Report.
  • Specific contributions to these issues : industrial ecology and ecoparks governance, waste management of companies and recycling infrastructure, noise, air and MAO (Major Accidents Ordinance).
  • Strong collaboraton and concertation with the other agencies and state services.

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