Senior Consultant


MSc Environmental Management and Policy (Lund University) & BA International Relations and Spanish (Yale University)  

Areas of expertise

Environmental policy, circular economy business models, corporate decarbonisation strategies, the emissions-materials nexus, greenhouse gas emissions inventories.


Spanish, English, Romanian, German (intermediate), French (intermediate), Turkish (beginner).


A reformed journalist, Carmen spent the first eight years of her career covering business and political developments in developing countries around the world for different publications. Afrer a few postings in oil and gas-rich countries in 2013-2014, she decided to work in sustainability and went back to school to get her master’s degree in Environmental management and policy.

Since graduating Carmen has worked in circular economy policy in Brussels, helping local and regional authorities translate EU into local policies and managing the largest waste prevention campaign in the EU; in high-tech consulting, with a focus on the automotive sector; and in research about the climate change and materials nexus in her capacity as climate change project manager at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. 

… Outside the office

Before becoming a parent, Carmen would often be found on mountain tops in her free time. Her love of summits took her to the Andes in Peru, Mount Kenya Point Lenana, Mount Kazbegi in Georgia, glacier hiking in Iceland, the Pyrenees, and the Carpathians. She also did the pilgrimage

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