Dr. Martin FRITSCH

Senior Consultant


PhD (Dr.sc.techn.) Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETHZ), M.Sc. Rural and Environmental Engineering, ETHZ

Areas of expertise

Regional development, integrated land management and spatial planning in the context of industrial site development, infrastructure projects, peri-urban land improvement and rural development.

Resource and energy efficiency, cleaner production, industrial ecology, optimization of agro-food production and processing systems: Biomass conversion and reduction of GHG-emissions.

Moderation and stakeholder participation: Participatory planning and decision making-procedures, knowledge and stakeholder integration, utility value analysis, SWOT-analysis and strategy development, development of manuals, decision support systems, public relations for agent based planning procedures.


German, English, French, Italian


After his research activity as assistant professor at the ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) where he contributed to numerous research papers and projects in Switzerland and abroad in the area of land improvement and water management, Martin founded the consultancy office M. FRITSCH • ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT & COMMUNICATION (EMAC) in 2001.

Since 2010 he also works as a senior expert closely together with and for Sofies. In his role as environmental engineer Martin got specialized in spatial planning, regional development, land management as well as in infrastructure and site development for business and industrial parks. During numerous projects for communal, cantonal and federal authorities, Martin has focused in particular on the moderation of participatory planning and decision making-procedures, where he has also developed a list of methodologies and guidelines for the Swiss confederation.

Since the last few years Cleaner Production and Industrial Ecology mainly in the context of improving and optimizing production and supply chains in agri-business-systems became a growingly important part of his work. In his position as a senior expert he makes his vast working experience in Asia, East and West Africa and his long-standing consulting experience with international organizations like UNIDO, FAO, UNEP or WHO available for Sofies clients and Sofies staff members.

… Outside the office 

Martin loves gliding, hiking and cooking.

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