Project Manager


BSc, Natural Sciences (Chemistry and Earth Sciences), Durham University . MSc, Environmental Technology, Imperial College London.

Areas of expertise

Greenhouse gas removal, net zero, voluntary carbon markets, corporate climate action, climate policy.


English, German (basic)


Francesca has a background in international climate policy, and has focused for the last three years on greenhouse gas removal (GGR), conducting extensive research from both a natural and social science discipline. As a Visiting Researcher at Imperial College London, she has investigated governance, policy, and corporate strategy surrounding GGR, has undertaken extensive stakeholder engagement to develop a broad array of perspectives on this complex topic, and has published her findings in academic journals. She supported the establishment of the Carbon Removal Centre, a convening body bringing companies, civil society groups, and other stakeholders together for dialogues about carbon-removing futures.

Before that, she worked as an intern at the Carbon Trust, as well as undertaking work experience with Futerra and the Canal & River Trust.


… Outside the office

A lifelong Londoner, Francesca will never get bored of discovering every random thing the city has on offer. She likes to dabble in lots of things – running, cycling, tennis – whether she is actually any good at them is a separate question.

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