Ha-Young JUNG



BEc Economics, Msc Environmental Sciences 

Areas of expertise

Life Cycle Assessment, Energy efficiency policy, Renewable energy, behavioural change for sustainable energy consumption


English, French, Korean, Japanese (intermediate), Chinese (basic)


Ha-Young has a background in Environmental Sciences and Economics, specialised in Energy Sciences and life cycle assessment. In Sofies, she specialises on life cycle assessment of products and organisations to identify the hotspots of carbon emission and offer science-based targets for decarbonisation strategies.

During her studies on Economics and luxury business management in Seoul, Paris and Shanghai,
she worked as a Visiting Researcher on forest conservation policies with an international organisation, which oriented her to sustainable development.

She then specialised in Energy Sciences and life cycle assessment at the Institute of Environmental Sciences in Geneva, Switzerland, where she worked on life cycle assessment of solar panel system in Switzerland and clothes.She also worked on energy policies by working with various institutions from foundations to public energy utilities. She has been teaching Korean and English to children and adults for more than 8 years, which provided insights on capacity building with children and non-experts in sustainability.

… Outside the office

Ha-Young enjoys painting, yoga, hiking, music, discovering local life while travelling, a candid conversation on random subjects.

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