Project Manager


MSc. Industrial Ecology, MSc. Biological Sciences

Areas of expertise

Circular economy, industrial ecology, Life Cycle Assessment, WEEE, food systems


English, Spanish, Italian


Prior to joining Sofies, Marco worked for two and a half years in the non-profit sector, where he helped companies and governments implement sustainable and innovative processes around the circular economy concept in the fields of electronics and food systems.

Marco started his career in aquatic ecology research in Argentina, and looking to apply his skills in industrial ecosystems, moved to the Netherlands for an Industrial Ecology MSc. at TU Delft and Leiden University, where he refined his environmental and circular economy skills.

Having lived and worked different countries in Latin America, North America and Europe, he has experience operating in very diverse environments.

… Outside the office 

Water sports, tennis, theatre, music, travelling… Not many activities are out of scope when time allows!

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