Master of Environment (MEnv) in Environmental Science at The University of York

Areas of expertise

Environmental conservation, community engagement, outreach and education.


English, French, Spanish (basic)


After studying environmental science at the University of York, Megan spent the following years working for different nature conservation NGOs in Greece and in Tenerife. She specialised in public awareness, community engagement and outreach, as well as environmental education. Megan successfully set up a programme to reconnect youth with nature and inspire stewardship and social entrepreneurship in the next generation. She has recently been responsible for event management and fundraising following a difficult year for public awareness, where she successfully informed stakeholders, students and the general public about sustainable tourism and was able to secure funding for the following seasons.

Megan has also been working on a blog and platform for sharing everyday sustainability issues and solutions with the general public. Her experience aligns with her passion for a sustainable future, and she is a strong believer that if we empower and equip people to positively impact the world, the more change we will see collectively.

… Outside the office

Megan is an outdoor enthusiast and nature lover, she enjoys hiking, travelling and exploring new places. She also likes skiing, playing tennis and eating good food with friends. She can often be found dancing around her kitchen and making plans for brunch.

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