Post-doctoral fellowship Industrial Ecology, PhD Ecology, MSc Biological Science

Areas of expertise

Industrial symbiosis, eco-industrial parks development and planning, industrial planning, regional development, public policies, resource efficiency, waste management,  material flow analysis.


English, Kannada, Hindi, Konkani


Megha has over 6 years of work experience in applying industrial ecology methods and tools to contexts in developing countries, especially India. She is an independent sustainability research consultant in India. As the former Research Director of the Resource Optimization Initiative (ROI) in India, she led their research program by initiating and securing funding, with collaborators, for several projects that examine resource flows in various systems. Solutions based on the recommendations of these studies have been implemented in large scale industrial estates, clusters of small and cottage scale industries and rural communities.

… Outside the office 

Megha spent months in the tropical rainforests of south India studying symbiosis between insects and plants for her PhD. The time she spent there, motivated her to apply her research skills to lower anthropogenic environmental impacts; she considers these forests as one of her dearest homes. She loves to swim, read and watch cartoons with her toddler daughter.

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