Senior Consultant


Ph.D. Physical Chemistry of Materials

Areas of expertise

Project management and planning, renewable energies in general and solar photovoltaic in particular, intellectual property, chemical process optimization, supervision of multicultural and multidisciplinary projects


French, English, Spanish


Nicolas joined Sofies in 2015 as senior consultant. Since 2008, he worked as a group leader at EPFL and an expert consultant for the CEA and CNRS (France) on renewable energies in general and solar photovoltaic in particular. He is a world-renowned researcher on new photovoltaic, CO2reduction and hydrogen solar production technologies.

Nicolas received is Ph.D. in physical chemistry of materials from the University of Toronto (Canada) in 2005 before joining the University of Cambridge in 2006 to participate in the development of cheap plastic solar panels.

… Outside the office 

Canadian that loves music, sailing, mountaineering and music.

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