Shubhra VERMA



M. Tech Green Technology, Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, India

Areas of expertise

Green Technology, Life Cycle Assessment, Environmental Impact Assessment, Circular economy, Biocatalysis and Biotechnology


English, Hindi, French (basic)


Shubhra graduated from Institute of Chemical Technology with a major in Green Technology in 2016. She is currently working as a Consultant with Sofies Group. Her areas of expertise include Life cycle and Environmental Impact Assessment and technical writing and has worked extensively on industrial pollution control, wastewater treatment industry and circular economy with substantial experience in environmental impact domain. Her thesis focused on Biocatalysis by fungal enzymes and its application in oxidation reactions. Her professional experience has enabled her to acquire solid technical expertise in consulting services for environmental issues and sustainability.

… Outside the office 

Born in the wrong era, Shubhra enjoys the old school music, classic rock, jazz and blues. A mountain person, she likes trekking and is an avid reader. She is a health and fitness enthusiast and enjoys Basketball, running and yoga.

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