Shushant VASISTH



MSc. in Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management

B.Tech in Environmental Engineering

Areas of expertise

EIA-EMP studies, Waste Management, GIS and Remote Sensing, EPR, Circular Economy


English, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali


Shushant Vasisth has an Environmental Engineering background. He has experience in environmental consultancy to various sectors such as oil and gas, power and transmission, municipalities etc. pertaining to EIA-EMP studies, Water Supply, GIS and Remote Sensing

During his master, he grew interest in circular economy, EPR and product policy. Prior to Sofies, he was working for a PRO in the field of waste management, implementing EPR for electronic and plastic brands, enabling producer brands to close their material loops by designing and implementing transformative Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programmes for Waste from Electronics (E-waste) and Plastics Waste.

… Outside the office

Shushant loves to cook and enjoy it with friends and family. He loves music and loves to jam with few of his friends. While not in the office, he loves to do gardening and travelling.

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