Charlotte JACQUOT

Project Manager


MA Geography / MA Spatial Planning and Urban Development

Areas of expertise

Economic development strategies, sustainable regional planning, running of professional networks, multi-stakeholders approach, set up of innovative urban places and collaborative industrial platforms.


French, English, Spanish


Charlotte benefits from 10 years experience in the set-up of urban and economic projects, as in the management of business development and transformation strategies for public and private decision-makers.

During this period, she acquired strong skills in monitoring of projects connecting sustainable development issues, innovation and economic attractiveness.

Proposing a consulting approach based on facilitation and multi-stakeholders’ coordination, Charlotte also collaborated in the emergence and operational set up of innovative projects: tactical urbanism, collaborative industrial platforms, clusters and new urban facilities as third places and coworking spaces.

She joined SOFIES in 2020, for the management and development of missions meeting urban planning issues and the field of industrial ecology.

… Outside the office 

« Dance, dance, dance, otherwise we’re lost » – Pina Bausch

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