Sofies represented at the Regional Workshop on Sustainable E-waste Management in Kigali, Rwanda

25 Mai 2018

The Regional Workshop on Sustainable E-waste Management was the occasion for more than 60 representatives of governments, institutions and private sector to debate on how to implement the e-waste strategy adopted last year by East Africa Communications Organization (EACO). Sofies is currently heavily involved in the region especially supporting EACO with mobilization of resources for the implementation of the strategy.

Over the next 10 months, thanks to the financial support of GIZ, together with other international consultants and national experts, Sofies also will work closely with EACO to support the local governments with the implementation of parts of the e-waste strategy. The workshop has been the perfect occasion to present the project and start shaping the activities to be carried out on the ground. Rwanda has now proved how, with leadership and political will, the adoption of policy framework and development of adequate infrastructures, is not only possible but also triggering further developments and attracting investors. TO know more about their e-waste management, the report we produced and recently released by DFID can provide a brief guidance. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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