Dunkirk, Hub of Industrial Ecology

19 July 2018

The latest issue of Dunkerque News focuses on industrial ecology.

What could be more normal for a territory that has hosted the largest heating network in France since 1986, thanks to the recovery of the fatal industrial heat from ArcelorMittal’ allowing 16,000 collective dwellings and offices to be heated and avoiding the emission of 30,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

In this context, Ecopal, one of the first associations dedicated to industrial ecology in France, has an essential role through its 15 years of experience. 

Dunkirk must now seek to deplay this expertise outside is own area, remembering that is was a pionner. In this respect, the sudy by the Sofies consultancy and project managmeent firm, carried out at the request of the Dunkerque Urban Community in close collaboration with the Grand Port Maritime de Dunkerque, represents the first step towards a more marketing-based approach.”
Suren Erkman, President of Sofies, Honorary President of Ecopal

Following this logic of development and territorial promotion, the Urban Community of Dunkerque is trying to obtain the label Territoire d’Innovation de Grande Ambition (TIGA), early 2019. 450 million euros will be allocated to a dozen territories, the territory of Dunkirk is thus focusing on industrial ecology and the circular economy.

Sofies is proud to be able to count The territory of Dunkerque among its historical partners.

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