Efficiency record on Perovskite-Silicon solar cell tandem

3 February 2016

It’s with great pleasure that Dr Nicolas Tetreault of Sofies joined with the research team of Prof. Christophe Ballif (EPFL CSEM, Neuchatel) to develop a record-breaking monolithic perovskite-silicon tandem solar cell. Silicon solar cells are the foundation of commercial solar energy whereas perovskite solar cells represent one of the most hyped and potentially disruptive technologies of the last few years. Dr. Nicolas Tetreault was instrumental in the development of the evaporation apparatus and experimental low-temperature protocol that led to a solar energy conversion efficiency increase from 16.8% for the silicon solar cell to 21.2% with the added perovskite. The Swiss research team, led by Jérémie Werner, Arnaud Walter and Bjoern Nielsen, just published their findings in the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters  here.

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