Global assessment of eco-industrial parks in developing and emerging countries

21 December 2016

Edition: UNIDO

Summary :Industrial Parks (IP) in emerging and developing countries provide an institutional framework and a physical and often social infra- structure, which might not be available in the rest of the country. Therefore, they contribute to high growth regions and national economic development. However, environmental issues have often not been fully considered and integrated into the planning and construction of IPs.

With the aim of promoting the creation of Eco-industrial parks, an in-depth analysis of the driving factors behind EIP developments in emerging economics has been realized by the UNIDO. The report documents in comparable manner 33 examples of EIPs in 12 developing and emerging economies and provides an in-depth comparative analysis of the results of the country case studies.

The full details of each case can be found in separate on-line publications on

Author: Suren Erkman


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