Midterm dialog of the Braillard Foundation Project « Prospective visions for Great Geneva »

7 August 2019

On the 3rd of july, the midterm dialog of the Braillard Architectes Foundation project « Prospective visions for Great Geneva » took place at Collonge-sous-Salève. This project is an urbain-architectural and landscape consultation for the ecological transition of the Great Geneva.

Sofies is part of the « Contrées Ressources » team led by Nathalie Mongé from the architect’s office Apaar_. Over 7 teams involved in this project, ours is the only one from Geneva and is a collaboration between Apaar (architecture and landscape), 6-t (mobility) and Sofies (sustainability and smart territories).

With our expertise in sustainability and smart territories we work hand in hand with Apaar_ and 6-t to develop a new way to conceive and use the territory and its resources. Our aim is to reduce our impact on climate change as a reaction to the IPCC report from december 2018 which raised the alarm bells about the +1,5°C global warming  overtake in 2050.

During this midterm dialog we participate to different round table discussions held between leading actors of the Great Geneva, the steering committee of the project to exchange on our vision of the territory and its use through the governance, ressources, mobility and resilience subjects.

The final dialog will take place in january 2020 with a publication scheduled during spring 2020.

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