Sofies’ 10 years – 2/10

10 July 2018

The collaboration with Sofies-Emac enabled us to initiate and implement an integrated rural development concept (PDER, in german). This was done in parallel to the revision of our local land-use plan in order to tackle the challenges of urban densification and external development for the entire municipal territory (in german).

All relevant actors were brought together in a participatory process allowing to identify conflicts and synergies and to propose operational measures.

In addition, we also benefited from coaching for the development of the vision of our municipality. This vision is an important basis for us to be able to position the municipality optimally in relation to the important issues of the future, especially in terms of sustainability.

To discover more about Sofies-Emac engagement for sustainable rural and peri-urban development, read the newspaper articles from  Novitas published on June 6th by Vrena Crameri-Daeppen, from Bünder Tagblatt published p.7 on June 4th by Nadja Maurer and from südostschweiz (articles in german) or similar project cases: 


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