Sofies’ 10 years – 6/10, Jérôme Perez, Nespresso

8 August 2018

«Sofies has been an important partner supporting the implementation of our Nespresso Positive Cup strategy in a range of practical ways. Sofies has been an invaluable support in helping us systematically measure and quantify our impact and this was of particular importance leading up the publication of our first Positive Cup Creating Shared Value report founded on the GRI methodology, published in 2017.

But beyond that the group has encouraged us and accompanied us on a range of impact led innovations such as the drive towards more circular machines and the piloting of biochar in coffee agricultural systems.

We appreciate the diligence and professionalism of the team and the fact that they have the capacity and approach to address any challenge where we seek their valued advice and relevant experience. We also appreciate their “can-do” attitude and the positive way that they engage with us as a member of our extended team of experts.

We congratulate them on achieving this milestone and wish them well for the next ten years and beyond. »

Jerome Perez,

Nespresso Head of Sustainability

For more information, refer to the GRI report and Sofies’ case study 

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